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What can we learn about self-care through houseplants?

I want to take a moment to talk about how plants have changed my life. They taught me the importance of gentleness. I've always enjoyed spending time in nature, so why not bring a little piece of nature indoors? There's nothing like turning on a good playlist and taking care of my plants. This is what brings me peace in a chaotic world. This process has a way of bringing people to self-discovery. You see, one can learn a lot about themselves by taking care of a plant.

Plants need sunlight, water, nutrients, and communication to grow. We are gentle with plants, we sing to them, we speak kind words. We do everything we can to make sure they are flourishing. When we think they're dying or that something is wrong with them we go into protective mode; and do everything we can to save them.

So how is it that we can take the time to make sure that our plants are flourishing without doing the same for ourselves? Just like plants, we need water, sunlight, and nutrients in order to survive. How can we show gentleness to a plant but not to ourselves? We need kind words, positive self-talk or daily affirmations to really thrive. We need to be able to take a step back and examine ourselves. To make sure that we are flourishing in our environment. If we don't then we won't survive.

When taking care of our plants we get into a routine, we set aside days and times that are occupied with the duties of "plant-care." This routine mimics how our own self-care routine should be. Having healthy routines are important and can be beneficial to your everyday life.

Taking care of plants forces you to be present in the moment. In that moment all of your worries, are non-existent. Plants have a way of keeping people calm, focused, and organized. Just the visual aesthetic that plants bring can provide an instant mood boost, and bring positive vibes to your environment.

Plants have a way of bringing out happiness. Whether it's from buying a new plant, finding one that you'v been searching for for a while, buying a new pot, gifting or receiving one to a friend, the roots growing from your propagation or a new leaf. Plants bring joy.

Take time to grow, to heal, and be kind to yourself. Remember to stay hydrated and find a routine that helps you to practice self care.

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Thanks for sharing. I’m eager to see how the new world of plants changes me.🤗

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