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Mental Health Therapy and Services

Providing Mental Health Services to children/ Adolescents and Adults

Adults and Teens

Are you or you experiencing emotions that you can't control? Are these emotions becoming overwhelming and impacting your life in a negative way? Have you missed out on opportunities or do you feel as if your life is passing you by? Do you feel stuck? Have negative self-talk. Are your relationships suffering? Have you been wonder, “what's wrong with me?” or “ Why am I so easily triggered?” Are you dealing with life transitions, anxiety, or depression?


Let’s face it, it is hard fighting your thoughts and battles alone. Some days can feel so heavy and intense that you feel like you’re going to lose control. Other times you’re not even sure if you can trust your own judgment. Life shouldn't be this hard. Everyone has a unique outlook on life. Your views impact the way that you navigate through life. In return, it impacts your actions and behaviors. I take a humanistic approach to therapy I assist clients with self-actualization and realizing their potential through change and self-directed, goal-oriented growth.  I take a person-centered solution-focused approach while also incorporating Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and  Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) techniques to fit each client's individual needs. You can take your life back and write a new narrative, u can thrive instead of just survive. 


Do you know a girl between the ages of  11-15 that would benefit from a mentoring/team-building program? We’ll I have a unique opportunity just for them. 


The Rae' of Hope mentoring program explores a variety of topics. A few of our main focal points are on self-esteem & identity work, social-emotional learning, and we also interact with the community. By partaking in team-building activities. 

For more information please request a free consultation


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 Partnerships, Events, and Psycho-Education

Do you want a mental health provider on your team? Do you want to integrate mental health care into your organization? Want to offer psycho-educational groups? Do you want to offer mental health services to the population that you serve? Let's connect!   Not only do I offer individual and group sessions, I also offer psycho-educational classes as well. 

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